We created this website to offer a way to tell the rest of the nation about what is going on in Louisiana and to ask for your help. This has gotten little coverage in the national media and we would like more people to know what is going on and how they can help those in distress.

This site is for those who want to help people who were affected by the flood and provide support in anyway they can. Believe us, we Need your help.

This disaster represents some of the worst flooding in Louisiana history. Along with your thoughts and prayers, many here in Louisiana need help in the way of supplies and monetary donations to start rebuilding their lives and homes. We at Catapult Creative Media built this site to enable those who cannot be here in person to offer their help to those affected by the flood. We aim to be completely transparent in all donations and donate to charities in the name of those sending their support.

Catapult Creative Media has been in business here in Louisiana for almost 10 years and we wanted to help those in the Louisiana community who were affected by this disaster in the best way we knew how. We have built hundreds of websites for local businesses and realized that we could help spread the word and raise awareness of the disaster and the devastation of thousands of people with a dedicated website full of information, resources, and donation opportunities for those affected by the flood and those wanting to help. While the devastating flooding in Louisiana didn't make it into much of the news, we are working hard to raise awareness with this website to make it a priority for those suffering loss.

We started our business in September of 2007 and have grown it since then. The members of our team and many of our clients and friends have been heavily impacted by the flooding. Many have had total losses of their homes, vehicles and all possessions. We are deeply tied to and are supportive of our community, not just here where we are headquartered in Baton Rouge but throughout the state of Louisiana. We built this site to aid those in need, including our friends, family, and community members, during this devastating period in Louisiana history.

Our website can be seen here at http://www.catapultyourbrand.com


We are calling on all of the good people in the United States to help us get the word out and help support those affected by this tragedy.

With much love,